У нас большая новость и радость! Общество нефрологов, врачей диализе и трансплантологов Казахстана, стала стала полноправным партнером партнером Международного общества нефрологов! Для нас открывает это большие горизонты и возможности в плане совместного сотрудничества.

We are very pleased to inform you that the affiliation of the Society of Nephrologists, Dialysis and Transplant Physicians of Kazakhstan to the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has been ratified by the ISN Council.
It is with great pleasure that we start a unique cooperation and partnership between our two Societies which will without doubt be beneficial to our organizations and respective members, the international renal community, and ultimately the patients suffering from kidney and related diseases.
As a reminder ISN Affiliated Societies benefit from the following privileges:

Kazakhstan Soc Affil. Confirmation
  • You receive priority consideration to pitch for the organization of joint events (Forefronts Symposia, Nexus Symposia, World Congress of Nephrology).
  • You obtain priority endorsement of your congresses, courses and events.
  • You have the possibility to announce congresses, courses and events through the ISN website.
  • You are acknowledged in our publications and media messages for your Society’s role in supporting our philanthropic and humanitarian activities.
  • You have the possibility to become one of our Collective Membership Societies (subject to conditions).
  • You receive the ISN Connect newsletter, which includes privileged information about ISN programs and leadership.